I must be in worse shape than I thought. This time last year I was walking 6 miles a day. Been kind of sedentary the last few months, so I got out yesterday for a 5 mile walk. My whole body is feeling it today. 😩

The Economist has a piece about how people generally report being happier after age 40. They suggest money and having kids as the reason.

I wonder if it might not be simply perspective? At the point where there are (statistically) more years behind than ahead I think you look at your problems differently. Adversities aren't as big, enemies aren't as bad, and life teaches you that maybe the world isn't as crappy as it looked when you were 20 and everything sucked.


What happened to ? It used to be awesome but now copying a few files to your phone has become an exercise in frustration. After 20 minutes of unpair/pair and permissions fiddling, I finally just gave up and did it the old fashioned way. Done in 3s. .

I've spent most of my day today containerizing application stacks. Seems like tends to make hard things easier, but then also tends to make easy things harder.

And so the of the continues, with Russia's Duma voting to isolate the country's from the rest of the world. At some point I imagine we'll have multiple "Internets" established on national or regional bases, requiring the cyber-equivalent of a passport to pass information between.


To anyone who was following me and wants to continue to do so, please delete the old and re-follow. Moving my instance from to had the unfortunate side effect of breaking follows. 🤨

I had some problems though trying to use the LOCAL_DOMAIN vs WEB_DOMAIN settings. I set it up correctly, but the first time I went to follow someone - nope. Broken. You'd think this would be a fairly common scenario?

I will say though, has a decent API. Very easy to work with and integrate into other sites and applications. That's nice!

After having some issues with 's ActivityPub implementation (as in, it doesn't really work) I've reluctantly decided to give a try. It's very bloated and seems kind of restrictive feature-wise. I don't know, it may be too much of a clone for my tastes. We'll see.


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