Of all the things I love about , is sadly at the bottom of the list. I just spent four hours re-implementing a simple program in ELisp that originally took 30 minutes to write in .

@maridonkers I don't know if you're familiar with Lisp (or Emacs Lisp particularly) but syntactically it's very dissimilar to other common programming languages. And in the case of ELisp it's very buffer-centric in the way it handles data. Yes, I'm probably better in Python than ELisp but objectively I'd say that some things that are dead easy in Python require handstands to accomplish in ELisp (or at least, a very different approach).

@maridonkers On the other side though, there is a huge amount of power in the Lisp machine and I've been able to extend or alter some large complex ELisp packages by simply overriding one or two functions to accomplish what I want. Essentially unplugging a single function from a program and replacing it - live. So there are tradeoffs and benefits.

Mostly I just had a bad day, because it took longer than expected to do something I thought was relatively simple.

@sean Tradeoffs indeed. I like Clojure (a modern Lisp dialect) and don't have much experience with Python.

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