Interesting. Supposedly Mozilla has put out an update for for to address Friday's add-on problem. But, as of 8:00pm PDT the Play Store app still doesn't show the update while the Play Store website does. Not really a big deal for me currently as I've installed and it's working fine for me. We'll see if the update shows up in the morning.

Until then, I'm still not certain about my long term commitment to Firefox. Lost a lot of faith this weekend.

@ekrem is a pretty nice mobile browser, I must say. I've also been using on the desktop full time the last couple of days. There has been nothing technically missing from those two as a browsing solution.

Honestly if it weren't for the fear of a controlled browser engine monoculture I'd chuck in the bin and not give it a second thought.

@sean I'm using both #Brave on my #Android phone and my laptop. I just turned off the rewards thing.

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