I've been saying for years that was a documentary, and now that's starting to bear out.

@sean only stupid people are breeding and "smart" people want population reduction. The net effect is exactly idiocracy

from the actual source material

> In the new study, the researchers observed IQ drops occurring within actual families, between brothers and sons – meaning the effect likely isn't due to shifting demographic factors as some have suggested, such as the dysgenic accumulation of disadvantageous genes across areas of society.

> "Intelligence researchers make a distinction between fluid and crystallised intelligence," one of the study's authors, research economist Ole Rogeberg explained to The Times.

> "Crystallised intelligence is stuff you have been taught and trained in, and fluid intelligence is your ability to see new patterns and use logic to solve novel problems."

> The implication here is that it's not us that is at fault: it's IQ tests.

@empress Thanks for the link, but it doesn't really change my opinion (based on my own everyday observations) that people on average are getting dumber. And no, I don't think it's a only a matter of "dumb people are breeding and smart people aren't." As the article I linked suggest, there is likely an environmental factor (like over dependence on technology and reduction of consequence based learning experiences). The nuances of the topic are hard to fit in 500 characters or less.

@empress And I guess I have to spell out that my reference to was meant to be taken light-heartedly, not as a literal thesis.


you didn't use a cw so i coudln't tell that you were telling a joke. weird punchline too...
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