I decided to step away from the keyboard for a while and do something "offline" today. I got out the paints, sat down, and finished another Tau strike team. These are the first models I've painted this year. Only took 7 hours... 😩 At this rate I should have my Tau army fully painted in about 3 or 4 years...🙄

Actually, this is a direct benefit of getting that new bookshelf last week and getting the models out on display. Stored in foam cases they were out of sight, out of mind.

After having my minis in storage for 6 months, I finally got off my butt this morning and picked up a bookshelf at . It's cool to have them back out in the open again, but man... I have so much to paint.

Well.. a bright spot at the end of a week of "one of those days" (5 in row, in fact).

We sold our RV that had SiriusXM back in March and I've been kind of missing it. This little guy showed up today and I got the service moved over from the old radio (sorry to whoever bought the old RV, but your free sat radio sub is over).

Got a dock for my office and one for the new RV, so it can go back and forth. The last trip out to the desert taught me that we can't rely on ground-based signal for music.

I haven't sat at an RPG table in a couple of years now (since before we left on our 2017-2018 road trip). But nevertheless, every month I see what new material has been released and I almost always buy it. Finding a game would probably be a lot easier if I was playing but I disavowed years ago.

We took a trip to this weekend and got some road time in . At Badwater Basin (the lowest elevation in North America), the temps on Saturday hit 99F according to my dash thermometer. Even out of the valley it was low 90s. We found a nice spot by a dry riverbed and wanted to do some boondocking, but it was just too darn hot. We ended up crossing into NV and staying the night at a roadside casino RV park so we could hook up and run the A/C.

Photos: sdo.link/l/445fc4487344


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