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employees organize a walkout, then complain about retaliation for protesting. So now they plan a sit-in to protest the retaliation for protesting. This sounds like an episode of Seinfeld.

I'm getting out the , and I'm curious to see how much of this workplace disruption Google is going to tolerate. They are (I'm assuming) paying these people to produce work, not to organize protests.

It's corporate image vs profit, which self interest will win out?

From the don't-make-me-laugh department:

Mark Zuckerberg says that privacy will be the defining pillar of in the future. To quote Wayne Campbell:

"sh'yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt."

It seems like the anti-anti-vaxxer hysteria is reaching fever pitch. A nurse's family comes down with the mumps and the neighbors break out the torches and pitchforks and brand them anti-vaxxer scum - even though the entire family had actually been vaccinated.

As I found out the hard way some years ago, mumps vaccine isn't 100% effective (more like 60-80%). I came down with a case of the mumps less than a year after getting an MMR.

Illness happens, chill out folks...

Is it real, or is it Monty Python?

A parrot warns his drug dealer owners that the police are about to bust them. After being put behind bars, the parrot keeps his beak shut during questioning and doesn't make a peep. He wouldn't squawk about what went down, and even the cops' best cracker couldn't get anything out of him.

That's one cagey bird.

Pew Research shows that if feels like an echo chamber, it's probably because most of the tweeting comes from 10% of users who frequently share a common set of core demographics.

Hopefully, we can have a bit more ideological in the given its distributed nature.

I haven't sat at an RPG table in a couple of years now (since before we left on our 2017-2018 road trip). But nevertheless, every month I see what new material has been released and I almost always buy it. Finding a game would probably be a lot easier if I was playing but I disavowed years ago.

The courts have decided that police can legally force your finger onto the scanner of your phone to unlock it. But guarding against 4th Amendment violations is just one reason I would never use a fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock my phone. Another is that time and again they have been demonstrated to be easily bypassed.

Security > convenience.

The people who organized the walkout last year now say they are facing retaliation and there seems like a tone of surprise about that. Is the Google response really a shock to anyone?

Companies aren't democracies where you can do and say what you like without repercussions. I'm not saying people should just keep their heads down and be good little drones. But if you do decide to rock the boat you better be prepared for the fact that you may get wet.

ICANN is now urging adoption of DNSSEC in response to elevated attacks on the DNS roots.

That's nice, but I see DNSSEC extensions as a gap measure. We really need to start looking at what comes next for Internet name resolution. Whatever that is, it should enable crypto by default and should be distributed and decentralized, rather than hierarchical. Our current system rests precariously on the integrity of 13 authoritative name servers.

We took a trip to this weekend and got some road time in . At Badwater Basin (the lowest elevation in North America), the temps on Saturday hit 99F according to my dash thermometer. Even out of the valley it was low 90s. We found a nice spot by a dry riverbed and wanted to do some boondocking, but it was just too darn hot. We ended up crossing into NV and staying the night at a roadside casino RV park so we could hook up and run the A/C.


I must be in worse shape than I thought. This time last year I was walking 6 miles a day. Been kind of sedentary the last few months, so I got out yesterday for a 5 mile walk. My whole body is feeling it today. 😩

The Economist has a piece about how people generally report being happier after age 40. They suggest money and having kids as the reason.

I wonder if it might not be simply perspective? At the point where there are (statistically) more years behind than ahead I think you look at your problems differently. Adversities aren't as big, enemies aren't as bad, and life teaches you that maybe the world isn't as crappy as it looked when you were 20 and everything sucked.

What happened to ? It used to be awesome but now copying a few files to your phone has become an exercise in frustration. After 20 minutes of unpair/pair and permissions fiddling, I finally just gave up and did it the old fashioned way. Done in 3s. .

I've spent most of my day today containerizing application stacks. Seems like tends to make hard things easier, but then also tends to make easy things harder.

And so the of the continues, with Russia's Duma voting to isolate the country's from the rest of the world. At some point I imagine we'll have multiple "Internets" established on national or regional bases, requiring the cyber-equivalent of a passport to pass information between.

To anyone who was following me and wants to continue to do so, please delete the old and re-follow. Moving my instance from to had the unfortunate side effect of breaking follows. 🤨

I had some problems though trying to use the LOCAL_DOMAIN vs WEB_DOMAIN settings. I set it up correctly, but the first time I went to follow someone - nope. Broken. You'd think this would be a fairly common scenario?

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