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"80s on 8" is making me want to watch Footloose or something.

Well.. a bright spot at the end of a week of "one of those days" (5 in row, in fact).

We sold our RV that had SiriusXM back in March and I've been kind of missing it. This little guy showed up today and I got the service moved over from the old radio (sorry to whoever bought the old RV, but your free sat radio sub is over).

Got a dock for my office and one for the new RV, so it can go back and forth. The last trip out to the desert taught me that we can't rely on ground-based signal for music.

Hmm. I really wish had a little better documentation for some of the config options. Playing around in your .env.production file is a bit like guesswork. Also, there really, really needs to be a way to rename an instance without breaking existing federation links.

A new proposal for binary Javascript? Faster perhaps, but can I read the source of that JS my browser just loaded? If not, forget it. I prefer slow and open vs. fast and closed.

Geez, it's not even 10am and I've been up for seven hours. It feels like the middle of the afternoon already. Other than some documentation I updated this morning, I'm guessing it won't be a very productive day for .

About once a week, I wake up at 3am and then can't fall back to sleep. I guess today is the day. I just wish I could make use of the time and be productive, but I don't want to wake up my wife.

Ever since stopped using UPS/FedEx in my area and started using their fleet of amateur delivery drivers, almost every package is now improperly delivered. I've been a Prime member for longer than I can recall, but I'm to the point where I'm not even interested in ordering anything from them anymore. Especially if I have to have it delivered to a locker and drive to get my package - just to ensure that I actually get it. Amazon used to be convenient. Now? Not so much. 🤨

Yet one more reason not to use Google products or the factory load on Android phones.

nailed it with today's comic. Beyond just games, this applies to in general and their abusive attitudes toward the people who use their products.

"Hmm. I think I'll adjust the :height of that one font face a little ..." 🧐

[three hours later]

"Must... stop... tweaking... my Emacs theme... need... sleep..." 😩

So the Wachowskis are rumored to be making another Matrix movie. That would be the Matrix, Part 2 right? Because there were never any sequels made to the Matrix, it was just the one film. At least, that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

The city where I live didn't even exist 100 years ago, it was just a dusty stop on a road to somewhere else. Now it's a home to millions - in a desert. Drive 30 minutes out of town and you're in the middle of nothing. What's stopping us from starting new cities in all of this open space? I have to imagine it would be cheaper than trying to excavate a subterranean city under existing population centers.

"We are coming to a point in our history in which we need to start looking for more space" -- Han Admiraal, who thinks we should go subterranean and start building underground.

I've traveled extensively in the central and western United States. You know what I saw? A lot of empty space. There is tons of space for people to live in, grow food in, work in. It just isn't located within 100 miles of a seaboard. Let's spread out into smaller, more sustainable communities.

I'm a long-time OpenVPN user, but I have to say I am very impressed with Wireguard. It was remarkably easy to setup a full-mesh VPN and the performance is excellent!

I was impressed by this very frank and thorough post-mortem of the recent security breach. Lots of good security advice for anybody running public-facing services.

I was initially excited in hearing that HBO was going to create a Watchmen series. But after reading some commentary from the showrunners about their "remixing" of the source material, and especially now after watching the new teaser trailer? Meh. Not interested.

Interesting article about the Army's MHS program to procure a new standard sidearm. 10 years and tens of millions of dollars, and they select a gun that goes off when you drop it and spits out unspent rounds when you pull the trigger.

First the Army picked a camo that doesn't actually hide you, now this. If procurement was based on battlefield effectiveness instead of corporate lobbying, soldiers would still be carrying M1911s and wearing BDUs - for less tax dollars.

So I guess is out now (officially). Looks like containers are the focus for this release. Cockpit is nice add though. Already downloaded my eval copy, if I have time today maybe I'll get to take it for a spin. I imagine it will be a while before has the new release.

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